The CLA Second Language Requirement

If you pass the LPE, you will fulfill your CLA Second Language Requirement, earn a text line on your transcript endorsing your language proficiency, and may register for third-year language courses.

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student with language skills equivalent to two years of college-level instruction, you may try to complete your language requirement by attempting the LPE, prior to taking your first language course at U of M. 

Not sure if you are eligible to take the LPE? Review the LPE Eligibility guidelines. 


Second Language Requirement FAQ

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Second Language Requirement FAQ

I am an undergraduate student, but I am not in CLA

Each college on campus sets its own requirements for graduation, so you must check with your college office for your foreign language requirements. This office cannot advise students of other colleges on their graduation requirements - we can only advise CLA students.

I am an undergraduate student, but I am not a native speaker of English

Frequently, CLA students at the University mistakenly assume that they are exempt from the CLA Second Language Requirement because they lived overseas for a time as children, or because they are the children of immigrant parents who use a language other than English. 

This exemption can only be granted formally by your college. You should talk with your college adviser to see if you are classified as bilingual, a non-native speaker of English, or otherwise.

I am a graduate student

This office does not certify second language abilities for graduate students. Please contact your department's Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).

If you are looking to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB, please contact the Graduate School for information on these tests. 

If you are looking for the Spoken English Test for Teaching Assistants (SETTA), please contact Center for Educational Innovation.